ABOUT Autumn

Autumn Dozier is a freelance photographer in the Nashville area, specializing in portrait, live music, and diy event photography. She believes taking a collaborative approach to working with her clients opens a floodgate of creativity. Autumn's style of photography carries a dreamy, colorful, and film-like essence.

Hailing from south Alabama, Autumn Dozier grew up in the modeling industry, which led to her introduction to photography. Autumn became a hobbyist photographer at a young age, but later took a different path for a period of time. After receiving a degree in clinical psychology and briefly working in the field of psychology, Autumn returned to her truest love - photography. 

Autumn Dozier has photographed promotional work and live music for several artists in the Nashville area. She has acted as a press photographer for Pride Festival, Live On The Green, Moonriver Festival, Americana Festival, etc. In addition, Autumn is a house photographer for Exit/In and has been published in Unclear Magazine.